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My blog is very eclectic and blog articles include angling, what's been on the television and basically anything else that comes to mind

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I live on the south-west coast of England in a small town called Brixham.  I been confined to a wheelchair 1986 after breaking my neck in a swimming pool accident.  Computers are my saviour and I spend most days doing one thing or another on my PC.  Other interests I have include angling and amateur radio.  I also run a website and forum dedicated to looking after and caring for the Oscar fish cichlid

Posted by on in TV Gossip
Really great to see an angling programme making it onto prime-time television, albeit BBC2. And I am even more delighted to see Matt Hayes acting as judge. I've been watching Matt heading various fishing programs since 1997. Mind you, he has got a few more grey hairs now, but haven't we all?
The program is going to see people competing against each other and eventually a winner will be chosen by Matt Hayes. They will be judged on how well they fish, how well they read the water and understand how the fish will feed.
You can "catch" this program at 9 o'clock on BBC2 on Sunday evenings. The first one started this evening on October 11.
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I came across a really awesome website the other day which allows you to track any aircraft around the world completely live as its flying. That basically means if you look up in the sky and see an airliner, you can look on this website and you will see an image of an aeroplane. If you then click on that image it will give you the information about what sort of aircraft it is, where it's going and what altitude and speed it is flying out.
It can get quite compulsive viewing at times, check it out for yourself.
You can find the website at
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Posted by on in TV Gossip
I first heard about Bear Grylls whilst watching an episode of Harry Hill's "TV Burp" a few years ago. If you've never heard of Harry Hill or any of his programs then a quick explanation Of Harry Hill's TV Burp would be him making fun of television programmes. Basically he would watch several TV programmes each week and then completely take the p!$$ out of them. 
I think most people have probably heard of Bear Grylls and have seen some of his programs. The guy seems to be getting his fingers into everything nowadays. It started off with him doing basic survival, now he's mixing with all the celebrities, he must be making an absolute fortune.
Some of his programs are very good, he made a series where he told the stories of people who had managed to survive experiences such as being lost in the wilderness, afloat at sea for several weeks. In fairness it could have been anyone telling their story, that was all he was doing, we didn't have any of his silly antics.
This brings me onto the programs that Bear Grylls has become famous for. He has made his name by eating the most disgusting things he can possibly find and probably even more revolting, drinking his own urine. So what disgusting things has Bear Grylls eaten? I've seen him eat huge grubs that he bites into a ends up with their guts all over his chin. He's eaten spiders, scorpions and even the eyes from a dead sheep that he found. In one of his programs he even drank the water that he squeezed out of an elephant turd that he found. He's even eaten fruit that he has found in bear crap. Honestly, the list of disgusting things this guy has put in his mouth is endless.
On one episode where he was in the Sahara Desert he demonstrated how you could survive by drinking your own urine. First of all he butchered a snake and used its skin as a bladder to hold his urine which he then promptly drank. The fact that he kept saying that it was a last resort and you should only drink your own urine at the last resort was a little bit silly, like I said before, he's a film crew with him that obviously have plenty of fluids on board. On another occasion where he was on a raft, he gave himself an enema using water that he didn't think was fit to drink.
If Bear Grylls wants to risk his health by drinking his own urine, or perform enemas on himself then that's up to him. But what really angers me is the gratuitous treatment of animals on some of his programs. I couldn't care less whether Bear Grylls ends up with some horrible stomach complaint because he's picked up some horrible bacteria from an elephant turd, but what I find completely unacceptable is when he slaughters an animal just for the sake of demonstration for his TV show. I've seen him chop the heads of snakes, stab large frog through the head and eat them raw. He even slaughtered a large Python whilst in Belize. I've seen him catch wild boar and stick his knife through their neck. This type of animal cruelty should be completely outlawed on television programmes. I'm fully aware that a snake, frog or a wild pig could probably give you enough food to survive, but what I don't need to see is it being killed unnecessarily.
Bear Grylls ain't no Ray Mears or Ed Stafford. I would have a lot more respect for Bear Grylls if he did a similar program that Ed Stafford made where we saw him completely alone on a desert island. This was a real life survival situation where the killing of an animal was necessary for survival. The program that Ed Stafford did was called "naked and marooned". He didn't even have a knife or any means to make fire, he had to improvise in order to survive which he did extremely well. On top of all that he had to film himself, he didn't have a film crew following him. Ed Stafford has not only been completely marooned alone on an island, but he's also walked the length of the Amazon and has done a similar program to the island, but this time visiting various countries like Brazil and Thailand where he would spend two or three weeks trying to survive with no provisions whatsoever, again doing all the filming himself. The most recent programme sees him studying satellite images of strange phenomena in different countries and then going there by himself. This has included remote places in Thailand and also Siberia in Russia. This guy is incredibly tough and his TV programmes are really worth watching. I know for sure that Ed Stafford had problems finding water on occasions, maybe he did drink his own urine, but he didn't put us viewers through the horrible experience of having to watch him do it. Most people have heard of Ray Mears, he's been around for quite a long time. He can manage to make a survival programme without the gratuitous slaughter of animals and doing away with the need to drink his own urine and eat the most disgusting things he can find.
Bear Grylls is all about selling his products. If you look at his jacket, his knife, other things that he carries with him, they all carry his logo "BG". And if he mentions his time in the special forces once, he mentions it 100 times. I'm sure I'm correct in saying that he was actually only in the territorial Army and the special forces reserves. So basically he was a part timer that probably never saw any action whatsoever, it's no wonder the genuine SAS guys look upon him as a bit of a joke, which is probably why Harry Hill liked to make fun of him on more than one occasion.
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I simply don't understand why there doesn't seem to be one single holiday home in Brixham that is completely accessible to people in wheelchairs.
I have family that come to visit me once or twice a year. Because there are quite a few of them they prefer to rent their holiday property, it makes life a lot easier. However as of yet we have not been able to find a single holiday home in the whole of Brixham that has been adapted so wheelchair users can enter and exit without any difficulties. They did rent one a couple of years ago that I was able to get into. However, it meant going round to the back of the house and entering via a bedroom. But this was only possible with a long portable ramp that was quite steep so you had to be quite careful.
There are millions of disabled people in this country, I would imagine that many of them like going on holiday. Brixham is a very popular holiday destination, why is it nobody has bothered to set up a holiday home for these people?
I would hope that this post of mine is eventually read by somebody who has got the money put into a suitable holiday home for the disabled, a completely wheelchair accessible holiday home that my family could rent 
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Posted by on in General Discussion
I've already written about this some time ago, however I feel the need that I must bring this to the attention of the general public again. After another visit to Paignton pier I am seeing this continued trend where they are doctoring every single one of their tipping point machines so it's very difficult to get them to pay money out. Not only are they doing this in the arcade on the main parts of the pier, but also in the arcade as you walk up the slope to the pier.
Initially when you look at one of the machines it looks as though they are offering you a good chance to win money. In fact, today most of the machines had a £5 note hanging over the edge. However when you look a little more carefully they have modified the second shelf that moves back and forth. What they've done is attach a metal bar across the lip of the shelf. They then jammed in coins all the way along making them look like they are hanging over the shelf. The coins have also been angled up slightly which makes it even more difficult to push any coins over the top.
I think this practice is absolutely disgusting and they are basically robbing the general public who want to spend a little bit of time having some fun. Nobody goes to an amusement arcade to make money. However the owners of Paignton pier are taking advantage of people and through devious practices making quite sure that hardly any money is paid out from these machines.
If you are thinking about visiting Paignton pier in the hope of having a little bit of fun on these tipping point machines then take my advice and forget it because you'll be wasting your money.
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Posted by on in Angling
Red is an excellent colouring for micro pellets. It's especially effective during the summer time when the fish are on the move. When everybody else is just using standard micro pellets, add a little bit of to your pellets to turn them red and you may just make yourself look like a superhero. 
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If you are a diehard method feeder user then why not try some of the which by all accounts are extremely good. If you soak them for about half an hour, 15 minutes lid down, then 15 minutes lid up, you end up with a mixture that is absolutely perfect for the method feeder. To enhance the pellets try adding a colouring and flavouring as well.
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Posted by on in Humour

I don't suppose Usain Bolt expected this to happen, after all he had just ordered a Chinese takeaway, so a Chinese man came and took his legs away
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Absolutely awful

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Posted by on in For sale on eBay
People often neglect to think about their dogs when they are going out on boats and taking their pet pooches with them. Dogs are good swimmers, but if you have problems out at sea then there is no way your dog will be able to swim ashore. So if you are planning on going afloat and taking Rex with you make sure that you buy a . You can even buy a .
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Posted by on in Computer Talk
I love this website, it's straightforward, easy-to-use, there's no need to type in those silly spam deterrents that take up a lot of time. You simply type in a keyword, put in your domain and it will tell you what position on Google your website resides out for that particular keyword. The other very helpful thing that you can do is compare your website to other domains as well. This is really helpful if you have competition and you are trying to optimise your website to outrank them on Google. Check it out, it really is very good indeed.
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If you want to learn about batteries and how they work and what batteries to use for different functions then this is definitely the website that you need to have a look at.
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If you are planning on going on holiday to Brixham and intend on doing a spot of crab fishing with the kids then I would recommend getting your crab bait from Brixham Bait and Tackle which is directly opposite the old fish market, next to the Golden Hind. You can't miss the shop, they always have fishing rods outside when it's open.
A bag of squid will cost you £1. They also sell crab lines and nets, plus buckets so that you can enjoy an afternoon's crab fishing in the harbour.
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Posted by on in General Discussion
A friend of mine Peter who is disabled is looking for somebody who can help him go out on his small 15 foot motor craft which is moored at Brixham Marina. Peter suffers from chronic back problems and therefore is looking for a reliable and competent companion to help him go out on the and do a spot of fishing during the summer time, or when the weather is fine.
In return for helping out Peter will let you use the boat to go out on your own from time to time. The boat will carry six people and there are six lifejackets on board. The only stipulation is that if you use the boat when Peter is not a board, you will be obliged to help towards fuel costs. Other than that, it's basically a freebie for helping Peter out.
If this is something that you are interested in and would like to talk to Peter about what is involved then please contact Peter on the following number.
01803 852072
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Posted by on in Angling
Sonubaits make a huge variety of pellets. I am particularly fond of their which I specifically use for method feeder fishing. I would recommend using the 2 mm -sized pellets as these can be soaked for two or three minutes and then used with method feeders that utilise a mould to attach the pellets.
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Posted by on in Angling
I am a massive fan of sonubait's, I use several of their products including ground bait and pellets. Another product I would highly recommend is their

. If you fish small commercial waters where the carp are fairly small then this is what you should be using to give extra flavour to your ground bait and pellets. The stuff smells gorgeous, if you like vanilla ice cream then you will like this stuff. I'm sure the carp love it as well, it seemed to give me the edge using it, I could definitely tell the difference when I didn't have it added to my pellet mix.


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They featured an interesting article on this lunchtime spotlight News so I thought I would share it. A clever bunch of people down in Cornwall have developed an iPad application that can help stimulate the brains of people who suffer from Alzheimer's. Anyway, check their website out, I've also included the link to where the app can be purchased on iTunes.
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Posted by on in Angling
There's nothing more exciting than catching carp from the surface. There are several companies that produce tackle that especially made for the job. Fox produce some really good quality tackle which you can buy from eBay

When you are surface fishing for carp it's very important that you do your utmost to disguise not only your hook link, but also your main line which can easily spook carp. Fox have designed a floater mainline that will address all these issues.


Fox also produce line that is made especially for hook links.

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Posted by on in TV Gossip
I watched Top of the Pops 1980 last night on BBC Four. Peter Powell was presenting it with BA Robinson as a guest presenter. Honestly, what is it with these co-presenters on TOP? The other week we had Roger Daltrey who was being extremely sexist and was rather too familiar with some very young girls on the set. Now we've got BA Robinson acting like a complete and utter TWAT. I will also question whether some of his comments regarding The Village People were somewhat homophobic. Okay, we'll make jokes about The Village People, but there is a time and a place.
It was also funny to watch The Skids with Richard Jobson is lead singer, somehow he looked out of place, especially wearing their ridiculous suit, it looked like he should have been on a boat at Henley Regatta. And what was that with those kids singing, that was absolutely terrible.
Really hilarious to see Ian Jury wearing lipstick.
I love looking at the people in the audience, most of them are more interested in what's going on around them, rather than listening to the music. This was especially true when Sue Wilkinson was singing.
It's great seeing the music from the 1980s, but the presenting is really dated and to be honest with you I'm surprised some of it hasn't been edited out because it really does cross the line when it comes to homophobic and sexually related comments made by the presenters. I'm sort of beginning to realise now why people like Dave Lee Travis was prosecuted, the behaviour was definitely questionable from what I can see. If he behaved like that with some of the young girls then I'm not surprised he ended up in court.
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